Things you must know when you have a dog

You might be searching for the ideal companion and have a preconceived notion of everything you should look for in your dog. Quite often though we find too many new owners who are not sure what they need to know. Whatever happens it is actually now your responsibility to make sure your pet is taken care of, you have to learn how to care for your new friend.

First of all you must make sure that your house is harmless to your pet. It needs to be pet friendly and not have areas where you pet could harm itself.

Make sure anything at all harmful is cleared out of their way . In particular make sure that items like washing supplies are up out of harms way.

Puppies in particular want to chew on everything so make sure that nothing poisonous to animals is within their reach. Some houseplants are toxic and should be either up out of reach or not kept in your home.

You need to register your family pet with a local veterinarian who can also advise on things you need to consider when keeping a dog as a pet. Since your pet can’t communicate, it’s difficult to determine if your puppy is in discomfort.

If it is looking off color or not as active as it usually is you will need to book in to see your vet. In any event, a yearly check-up can make sure that problems are found early before they become more serious.

Don’t be tempted to give you dog bones from your table to chew on. These can often chip and cause him injury. Always give your pet dog chews made especially for dogs instead.

If you decide to get a dog from a dogs home or protection center, you need to get a vet appointment planned without delay to check him over. Dogs from a shelter are often more likely to be carrying an disease or have had contact with infections in the shelter.

Always buy the best quality pet food you can find. It is important to provide your pet dog with the best quality. Although you might need to spend more to get the best quality, in the long run providing your pet with the same level of quality food that you eat will ensure that he stays healthy. And a healthy dog will get less illness which will also save you vets bills.

Schedule a veterinary visit for your new dog with the neighborhood veterinary clinic. The vet will make sure that your pet is up to date with all of the appropriate vaccinations and give him the shots he needs.

You might also wish to consult with the veterinary clinic about getting your dog neutered or spayed to reduce on family pet overpopulation. This is especially with female cats who can become pregnant at a very early age.

A hair comb is an excellent resource to straighten the hair around your pup’s paws to stop it from becoming matted up.  If you feel a bit nervous about doing this you can always take you pet dog to a groomer who are well used to getting your dog looking very smart.

You should train your dog to be well behaved and obedient. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a badly behaved dog.

If you’re not sure how to do this, get advice from a qualified trainer. Above all don’t let lots of people try doing it. They will all have their own ways to workout a dog differently which can just let it sit baffled and confused about what to do.

From time to time pet dogs get cuts when they are out taking their walk. If your puppy does get a cut, clean the area with antiseptic and place a bandage round it. Then as a precaution arrange for your puppy to see someone at the veterinary clinic to prevent the cut from becoming infected .

You’ve probably seen the slogan “A puppy is for life – not just for Christmas”. This is very true. When you get a pet dog it really is a very long commitment.

Puppies are very appealing and the temptation is strong to take one home. It’s too easy to fall for the idea of owning pet dog. Before making that decision take into account every little thing beforehand so you know you can confidently manage all of it.

Optimistic encouragement is the ideal resource when training a dog. Your pet will be taught quicker by making use of rewards and praise. There is never any excuse for beating a dog to make it do what you want.

Gentle treatment solutions are a lot more effective and produce far better results and a happier pet who will become a loving companion for years to come.

We hope you found this information useful and will integrate every single word of advice in your everyday program with the pet. Happy pets really like their owners unconditionally, and if you follow our advice it will happen for you.

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